Apartment Searching Hell

Today, I would like to share with you the traumatic and time-consuming experience known as apartment searching in NYC.

It began several weeks ago when I decided to go visit an apartment in Washington Heights. This experience led me into a false sense of security, because it went so smoothly. The guy was very nice and so was the apartment. We had a nice chat, but the room was a bit above my price range, so I decided not to go for it. 

Experience numero dos was in Bushwick. The apartment was still being renovated when I arrived and the room I looked at was too small, so I didn’t go for it.

Experience numero tres is really where things started to go downhill. This time, rather than go through Craigslist, I received an email from my program adviser about an apartment that was available in Bay Riidge.  I set up an appointment and went out there. The area was lovely, the rent was great, and the apartment was beautiful. I met two of the three people that I would have been rooming with and they seemed nice. After my visit, I excitedly sent them an email letting them know that I was still interested. 

Didn’t hear back for several days, at which point I received an email stating they had already filled the room. AFTER they had told me to email them to set up an appointment with alll three roommates. So apparently they were just lying and didn’t like me.

Okay, bitches. Thanks a lot.

Experience numero quatro is what I am currently embroiled in now. Last night, I went to visit an apartment in Bedstuy, a newly renovated brownstone. I got there and the realtor wasn’t even there. I had to wait around for twenty minutes for her to get back from taking another girl to the bank. When she finally got back, I got to see the place. It was lovely, with exposed brick and new wooden floors, but I was then informed that I had to fill out a million forms and bring her either cash or a money order to the tune of 750 dollars AS SOON AS POSSIBLE LIKE RIGHT NOW EVEN THOUGH IT’S TEN O’CLOCK AT NIGHT. 

Anyway, so I emailed everything over to my parents, who have supposedly filled everything they needed to fill out and mailed it in. I went and filled out the renter form and gave them the money today. But that was all just for the application. I don’t even know if I got the apartment yet, and won’t know till Monday. Meanwhile, I have wasted a good part of two days running back and forth to Brooklyn. And I start my new job at Barnes and Noble tomorrow. And I’m freelancing, so there are some articles I really need to be working on right now as I’m typing this. And I still need to be applying for internships/jobs. And I have an interview on Tuesday.

Does anyone have some Xanax? 


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