So, I’ve been absent for a while. Yeah, I’ve been kind of lazy, but I’ve also been super busy. A lot has happened, but I’m just going to sum it all up in bullet points.

  • My magazine group won Best Design.
  • My parents and I got into a massive argument about me moving to NYC permanently.
  • I began the book part of my program and decided that literary agency was what I wanted to do.
  • My parents and I made up, and (YAY!) they have agreed to support me financially for a while, which I’m definitely going to need help with while I intern and work part-time.
  • My book group won Best Strategy, which is basically best marketing/publicity.
  • The program ended and I’ve been applying to internships and part-time jobs at agencies like crazy, with some pretty hopeful leads.

Overall, I’m doing well. I’ve decided that (at least for now) NYC is my home. I’m much happier here then I ever was back in Texas, and surprisingly living in NYC hasn’t been as stressful for me as it has been for some other people in the program. I definitely don’t miss driving, and I get better at the subway system every week. With Sarah in Portland and all my job opportunities here, there is no real reason for me to return to Texas. Right now, I’m trying to figure out my housing situation. I’m out of the dorms August 9th, so I need to be looking at apartments now. I’m going to visit a place I’m feeling hopeful about on Sunday, but that room wouldn’t open up until September 1st. So more complications. Anyway, no one ever said living in NYC would be easy. Anyhow, that’s about it  I’ll try to make a longer, slightly more interesting post once my interning/working plans are a little more clear. Until then! 😀


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