NYU SPI: One Week Down

Good god.

I’ve been in NYC for a little over a week now, and man have I learned a lot. Subway navigation, street navigation, how to haul groceries down the street while juggling your purse, cellphone and ID in the other. Not to mention the stuff I actually came here to learn about: publishing. Dang. The first week was a whirlwind of learning the basics, getting in our groups, and formulating ideas. My group is fashion/beauty, and we’ve decided to go with a magazine dedicated to showing off androgynous styles for people of all genders interested in dressing outside of gender norms. We’re calling our magazine “Bend,” and it’s going well so far (minus a few minor tiffs between conflicting personalities), but once again I’m having difficulty speaking up in group meeting. I have made friends with one girl in my group though and am getting along very well with my roommates, and, very slowly I think, coming out of my shell. I think I’ll do alright on Wednesday’s networking party as long as I can find someone to talk one-on-one with or hang with a small group. I’ve even sent my resume to a few places! 

I’ll try updating later this week.


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