Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera.

I don’t belive in fate/destiny in the sense of “God has a plan for you” (I am an atheist); but I do believe that sometimes, crazy random shit happens that can literally change the course of your whole life. Sometimes,this CRS is so unfuckingbelievable, I might be willing to call it a miracle.

I’ve had this happen to me once, and only once.

I met my best friend of the past nine years.

I literally met Sarah the first day of high school. She thought I was mentally retarded, I thought she had escaped from a religious cult (she had long hair past her butt and was wearing really weird clothing). It was love from the moment we started talking about Smallville while waiting for the bus later that afternoon. She was catholic, I thought religion was a clever joke. She was conservative and sheltered, I came screaming into the world drenched in blue paint. She was good at math, at science,  at everything I was not. We were opposites in many ways, yet our brains CLICKED. We were soulmates.

Nine years, two different colleges, a law school and an impeding move to NYC later, and we are still besties.

So yeah, Sarah is a miracle. Maybe she was my destiny. I don’t know.

As for everything else? I believe our choices lead us down paths. A year ago, I made the decision to withdraw from my penultimate semester of university because reasons and withdraw from the education program I was in. A year later, I’m headed to NYC to pursue a career in publishing. It was a dark, depressing road, but I think it’s finally starting to make some sense. Honestly, I’m beginning to realize that sometimes you have to figure out what you are NOT good at before you figure out what you ARE good at.

And trust me, I’ve tried out a lot.

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