And so it begins

Hello, whoever the hell is reading this. My name is Hope, and I am a writer, a reader, a lover of fantasy, and a traveling enthusiast. I have been all over Europe, most recently to Oxford, England the summer of 2013 to participate in a study-abroad program. I am a wannabe published author (more on this later), and I read so much I probably won’t even bother starting a “What I’m reading now” list, because if I did suffice to say I would have to update it far too often for it to be worthwhile. I’ve started this blog for two reason. a) I am about to move to NYC in a few short months, and b) less importantly, but more immediately, I want to write reviews of the latest season of Game of Thrones, which premiers on April 6th. This two things aren’t really related, but there ya go. Anywho, hopefully I will make a habit of this. Most other English majors are blogging addicts but I’ve always been the odd one out, so not surprising I’m late to the party. Isn’t it fashionable to be late to the party anyway? 😉 Now that my life is FINALLY BECOMING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE AND INTERESTING, I will hopefully have much more to write about.



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